TVTech Managers is incredibly flexible in the role that we play on each production, and we will always work with our clients to determine what specific services they require. From closed studio jobs with a few audience members, to massive awards shows with both live and televised audiences, what we provide is always unique to the show we are working on. Generally, our role involves providing all or some of the following core services:

  • Show management – Whether an entire show crew or just a few task specific crew members are needed, our connections spanning across the industry allow us to book A-list talent. We also create all-inclusive, comprehensive show budgets and schedules for our clients, no matter the scale of the production. Additionally, we are experienced in working with venues to secure all necessary permits and permissions and managing all location specific tasks, regardless of how remote the location may be.
  • Technical design – From complete video and sound design, to rigging and facilitating the structural and technical needs of all scenic elements, to everything in between, we typically take an immersive and hands-on approach to the technical design process. However, sometimes our role may be strictly consultative, depending on the specific needs of the production. But at the end of the day, we strive to bring our clients’ creative concepts to life by creating a working technical design.
  • Equipment Solutions – We have built longstanding relationships with a variety of reputable vendors throughout the industry. Additionally, our own inventory of audio/video equipment gives us the ability to create custom equipment packages unique to each production. Our vendor relationships that we have maintained throughout the years in conjunction with the ability to draw from our own inventory when needed allow us to efficiently execute all of our services while meeting the logistical goals of our clients and adhering to their budget.

Although we consider show management, technical design, and equipment solutions to be our core services, we do not limit ourselves to what we can and cannot do and welcome the challenge of being tasked with something new. Because of this, we are able to provide our clients with the option to make one payment, to one vendor, capable of organizing, facilitating, technically supporting and executing their project, from conception through execution and delivery.