Frank Ocean "Blonded" Summer Tour


From May – August 2017, TvTech provided video technical infrastructure and support for the entire Frank Ocean “Blonded” Tour. TvTech employees Greg Kanan and Jake Hartmann began at the Brooklyn Naval Yard in late spring helping Spike Jonze and his team technically design and execute the creative for Frank Ocean’s live show. The show ended up using 13 cameras of different makes and flavors run out to the downstage edge of the 80′ thrust that Mr. Ocean performed on at each festvcal. TvTech was ultimately responsible for providing, and building all camera connectivity of which there were 13, along with a live switched 2 M/E feed. The first M/E fed 1 large inner LED Wall. The second M/E fed the festivals outer iMAG LED Walls. Furthermore, we were also responsible for iso records of all the camera feeds, along with a full redundant program record. TvTech toured with the the crew and our gear made the rounds as well. All in all, between June and August, TvTech successfully built and maintained each show over 8 dates around the world. The Blonded Tour traveled to Denmark, England (twice), Sweden, Finland, NYC, LA, and Canada.