Bruno Mars: Live at the Apollo!


This fall TvTech consultants Kevin Hartmann and Deni Graap tag teamed one of CBS’s largest one off events of the year – “Bruno Mars Live at the Apollo.” It was a 4 day set-up, shoot, and breakdown. TvTech spearheaded a large crew into this very complicated and intense production. The first day of shooting took place outside on top of the Apollo Marquee on 125th Street. The first day ended up being a 7 camera multicam production with 2 jibs – one on each side of the street. The final two show days were spent inside the Apollo. To accommodate the productions’ desire of a very cinematic live 12 camera event, TvTech utilized All Mobile Video’s 4k Production Trailer Zurich. The concert was shot and cut entirely in 4k using the Sony F55. When it was time to roll to record, production required a Phoenix Crane, Scorpio Techno Crane, Steadicam, two dolly camera positions, and one rail camera system. This a scenario TvTech thrives on. Kevin and Deni were able to smoothly manage and execute all of the technical requirements and that is what we pride ourselves on!