TVTech Comedy Special 2017


In 2017 TvTech had it’s hands all over the Comedy Special. TvT provided technical management, equipment, and infrastructure for the following productions:

– Norm McDonald (Netflix)
– Jerry Seinfeld (Netflix)
– Brian Regan (Netflix)
– Chris Rock (Netflix)
– Tracey Morgan (Netflix)
– Ali Siddiq (Comedy Central)
– Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)

It was truly a pleasure to work for some of Comedy’s great acts and personalities. and we are certainly looking forward to more of it them 2018.

Bruno Mars: Live at the Apollo!


This fall TvTech consultants Kevin Hartmann and Deni Graap tag teamed one of CBS’s largest one off events of the year – “Bruno Mars Live at the Apollo.” It was a 4 day set-up, shoot, and breakdown. TvTech spearheaded a large crew into this very complicated and intense production. The first day of shooting took place outside on top of the Apollo Marquee on 125th Street. The first day ended up being a 7 camera multicam production with 2 jibs – one on each side of the street. The final two show days were spent inside the Apollo. To accommodate the productions’ desire of a very cinematic live 12 camera event, TvTech utilized All Mobile Video’s 4k Production Trailer Zurich. The concert was shot and cut entirely in 4k using the Sony F55. When it was time to roll to record, production required a Phoenix Crane, Scorpio Techno Crane, Steadicam, two dolly camera positions, and one rail camera system. This a scenario TvTech thrives on. Kevin and Deni were able to smoothly manage and execute all of the technical requirements and that is what we pride ourselves on!

Frank Ocean "Blonded" Summer Tour


From May – August 2017, TvTech provided video technical infrastructure and support for the entire Frank Ocean “Blonded” Tour. TvTech employees Greg Kanan and Jake Hartmann began at the Brooklyn Naval Yard in late spring helping Spike Jonze and his team technically design and execute the creative for Frank Ocean’s live show. The show ended up using 13 cameras of different makes and flavors run out to the downstage edge of the 80′ thrust that Mr. Ocean performed on at each festvcal. TvTech was ultimately responsible for providing, and building all camera connectivity of which there were 13, along with a live switched 2 M/E feed. The first M/E fed 1 large inner LED Wall. The second M/E fed the festivals outer iMAG LED Walls. Furthermore, we were also responsible for iso records of all the camera feeds, along with a full redundant program record. TvTech toured with the the crew and our gear made the rounds as well. All in all, between June and August, TvTech successfully built and maintained each show over 8 dates around the world. The Blonded Tour traveled to Denmark, England (twice), Sweden, Finland, NYC, LA, and Canada.

Sunday's Best LIVE Season Finale


Sunday Best, BET’s Gospel singing competition show wrapped up its eighth and final season by bringing back the stars from the previous seasons and ending with a LIVE Finale that took place on Aug 30. TV Tech has been a part of the show since 2011, providing technical management services and technical support throughout each taping. The season finale was the first live finale and was extremely successful. TV Tech staffed & managed the technical positions of the show, managed equipment, vendors, and technically engineered the show for live broadcast. Altogether, working on Sunday Best over the last several years has been an awesome experience for the TV Tech Team, and the live finale was an exciting way for the series to come to a close.

TIDAL Live Streaming Events


In March, TV Tech partnered with DPS to help launch Jay Z’s new acquisition of TIDAL, the high fidelity streaming platform. Since then, TV Tech has played a major role in multiple live streaming events all over the nation, from Los Angeles, to San Francisco, to Fargo, to Atlanta with many more exciting locations coming up. Each event has featured well-known performers from Jack White to Jason Aldean to Jay Z himself. TV Tech worked closely with All Mobile Video to strategize and technically produce every TIDAL live stream event since March, including managing both the live production as well as the transmission component. Additionally, by tapping into our nationwide connections we were also able to source and manage a local technical crew in each city. By utilizing AMV’s worldwide transmission services and our industry relationships and live streaming expertise, we have successfully been able to bring multiple live events each month to TIDAL’s state-of-the-art streaming platform.

2015 MJM / Deloitte Tour


A unique project for TV Tech Managers this Spring that took us to Orlando, FL; Kissimmee, FL; and Atlanta, GA was a series of Deloitte corporate conferences. But instead of treating each one individually, TV Tech was hired by MJM Creative Services to approach the run of shows as a whole. TV Tech planned, prepped and packaged all the equipment needed for each show onto one truck that went from location to location. We also provided the core technical team that traveled to each location and worked together to handle all of the technical needs of each individual conference. With the hard work of everyone involved, the corporate tour model proved successful.

The 75th Annual Peabody Awards


The Peabody Awards took place on May 31, 2015 at the upscale Cipriani Wall Street, a historic New York City landmark. Hosted by Fred Armisen, the Peabody’s honor leaders in media and journalism, and a wide array of talent spanning those industries were in attendance. During the pre-production process, TV Tech hired a technical crew whose skill set matched the unique needs of this specific production, sourced equipment from a variety of vendors, and played a big role in the technical design of the show. On-site, TV Tech managed the technical show crew who worked as a coherent unit to quickly problem solve and ensure that the 75th Annual Peabody Awards were a big success.